Noe G. (Kangaroo Errands)

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Houston, TX, United States
1200 West Walker Tunnel Houston Texas 77002 US

I am on the move 24/7 almost. Just me and my van! Put your slogan on our cars and let the world know your name!


The kangaroos symbolize essential contact with the earth to balance our physical existence with our spiritual knowledge.


After 30 years in retail service and many accomplishments of excellent service to families, communities and senior citizens. I wanted to spend more time out of an office or warehouse helping people. I began Kangaroo Errands in Houston, an S.U.V.  Delivery, providing excellence customer service and convenience in delivery of online orders pick-up,  construction supplies and tools ,etc. I pride myself on quality workmanship and great customer service. “A company that is trustworthy, prompt and reliable.” Kangaroo Errand Services is a premier service provider, offering unique and exceptional services to support our clients’ chaotic schedules and demanding lifestyles.  We offer a full range of services to assist your every need from the simple everyday “to do list.” So that you can free up time to spend with family and friends.

Your Price Range:
$30 to 150
Fast service

You have the cheapest deals out on the market. I’m starting a business and want to hire you if you have the drivers…….

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