Our Story

Lazy-Wabbit was a delivery service that was bought and turned into website development and management central. A one-stop shop for all of the startup businesses and large corporations out there that do not want to spend thousands of dollars in web design and management!

With The Wabbit Family, you will have the chance to make your own hours and set your own pay range! You will have the option to work alongside the Wabbit Family or you can branch out. Create yourself a profile, the higher rated profiles get the more clients knocking on their door! So be respectful, professional, and don’t get your profile flagged by your clients!

Our Services

Server Management

Keeping your website online and running smoothly is one of our top priorities. Whether you have shared, VPS, or your own server. We use all the latest platforms (WHM, cPanel, and Plesk)

Website Security Monitoring

Keep your websites safe from Bots, Hackers, Spammers and other little crawlers that can mean the destruction of your website. We will be working around the clock 24/7 backing up your system and keeping you safe!

Advertising Business/Brand

No matter if you have a business or brand when we create your website, you can choose how much you want to set aside from as little as ($50 to $1,000+). We will help you make some noise and raise your profits!

Social Management

Let us deal with the media, keep up with all your social accounts and get ahead of any rumors that may come to light before they cause permanent damage to you, your company, or brand. Keeping you safe, always.

Logo Design

Wabbit Care packages include a free logo with your website to get your business up and running as soon as possible! Many other companies charge from $50 up to $300+ per logo. With us is all free!


We use WordPress for most of our websites and Joomla sometimes for eCommerce Stores depending on the volume of visitors and products sold, like (eCommerce, Tube, Course Builder, and Dating websites)

Some Of Our Projects